Our projects

These 25 initiatives were presented at the AEIDL conference "Reinventing Europe through Local Initiative" (Brussels, 19-20 February 2014).

01 A landfill transformed into a park Belgrade Serbia
02 Local development in Finnish Lapland Sodankylä Finland
03 Job opportunities for all Karditsa Greece
04 Cooperation, key to Southill regeneration Limerick Ireland
05 Open City Museum Bolzano Italy
06 Latvia’s Rural Communities Parliament Riga Latvia
07 The Valley of the Carp Milicz Poland
08 Building bridges in rural Röstånga Röstånga Sweden
09 Transition Town Totnes Totnes United Kingdom
10 ECOLISE Brussels European network
11 ‘Le Zeybu’, a fair trade market for Eybens Eybens France
12 ‘Sustainable Neighbourhoods’ Brussels Belgium
13 Europe’s Renewable Energy Isle Samsø Denmark
14 Community-led ‘Locality’ development London English network
15 A cooperative business centre Dortmund Germany
16 REALIS - A network for social innovation Montpellier France
17 Tot Raval promoting social cohesion Barcelona Spain
18 Together for each other Fulókércs Hungary
19 Torino Social Innovation Turin Italy
20 SEWA, for self-employed women Ahmedabad India
21 Gardening for good in Porto Porto Portugal
22 Social agriculture for young people Roccastrada Italy
23 Empowering rural women Kavar Turkey
24 Solidarity with evicted Roma families Cluj-Napoca Romania
25 Regional brand boosts rural development Nitra Slovakia