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Senior Lecturer at the Global Studies Institute of the University of Geneva Secretary General of the European Cultural Centre

As a political scientist with a focus on political philosophy, François Saint-Ouen specialises in multi-level governance, bottom-up federalism, local democracy, local networks, sustainable development at local and regional level, and cultural processes in Europe. Since 1990, he has also been an expert, on behalf of the Swiss cooperation, on the promotion of local democracy and local autonomy, first in Central Europe and then in South-East Europe.

He has published twelve academic books, and was also the editor or co-editor of a further thirteen. Among them: L’Avenir fédéraliste de l’Europe: du traité de Maastricht à celui de Lisbonne [The Federal Future of Europe: from Maastricht to Lisbon], Brussels, 2011; Le fédéralisme [Federalism], Lausanne, 2006; Les grandes figures de la construction européenne [Prominent Figures of the European Integration], Geneva, 1998; Denis de Rougemont: introduction à sa vie et son œuvre [Denis de Rougemont: introduction to his life and works], Geneva, 1995; Les Partis politiques et l'Europe: une approche comparative [Political Parties and European Integration: a Comparative Approach], Paris, 1990. Work which he edited or co-edited include: Dialogue des cultures à l’aube du XXIe siècle [Intercultural Dialogue in the Early 21st Century], Brussels, 2007; Nationalismes en Europe centrale et orientale [Nationalism in Central and Eastern Europe], Geneva, 1997; and Dictionnaire international du Fédéralisme [International Dictionary of Federalism], Brussels, 1994.

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