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Special Adviser at Notre Europe - Jacques Delors Institute

Marjorie Jouen is a Special Adviser at the Notre Europe - Jacques Delors Institute, a European think-tank based in Paris. She works on EU policies related to regional development, rural development, territorial cohesion, local development and social innovation. She is a graduate of political science and a former student of the ENA (Ecole Nationale d’Administration).

Ms Jouen has held a number of high-level positions in the EU institutions and the French administration, including: deputy-head of the cabinet of the President of the EU Committee of the Regions (2006-2008 and 2010-2012); member of the Forward Studies Unit of the European Commission (1993-1998); head of the "European Affairs" Unit at the Foreign Trade Department (2002-2006); and high-level expert on European issues at DATAR (1998-1999 and 2012-2013) in Paris.

Marjorie Jouen's speech


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