EcoteamIn an effort to respect the planet, AEIDL wants to actively contribute to reducing the pressures and nuisances that affect our environment.

Internally, an environment unit ("EcoTeam") has been monitoring the implementation of best practices and behaviours since 2015. It is composed of members and collaborators motivated by environmental issues, but the initiatives, ideas and advice of all staff members are welcome and taken into account.

In accordance with its environmental statement, AEIDL aims to achieve the following:

  • Reduction of carbon emissions in the atmosphere both in the office and for transportation;
  • Reduction in the consumption of water, resources and raw materials;
  • Less waste;
  • Promotion of environmentally friendly practices from suppliers, partners and members.

Among others, the following actions have been implemented:

Energy- From 2012, a series of construction works were carried out on the building to reduce energy consumption. Insulated with natural materials, native plants were planted on the roof . In addition, AEIDL is exclusively supplied with green energy.

Mobility- We are proud to say that almost all employees mainly use "soft" means of transportation to come to work.

AEIDL does not contribute to staff commuting costs when they use their private cars, but does contribute to public transportation costs. In addition, an in-doors and secured bicycle parking and showers are available for cyclists.

CO2 emissions from business trips are systematically offset.

Purchases - Supply purchase and services are evaluated under different aspects: real need for the purchase, waste production, pollution, use of natural resources, etc

Waste - AEIDL strives to reduce its waste production, particularly through its purchasing policy: for example, plastic bottles and all single-use plastic bottles are banned.

Communication - AEIDL strives to communicate its approach as effectively as possible to its members and staff, but also to its suppliers and partners to encourage them to also get involved. Among other things, team outings, with meetings and visits to ecological projects, are regularly organised.

In order to validate and perpetuate its approach under the guidance of external monitoring, AEIDL has renewed its application for the "Eco-Dynamic Enterprise" label from Brussels Environment, obtained in 2015 with 2 stars. We hope to do even better in 2018.


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