Project Advisor, Knowledge Management, Information and Communication Technology.

Christophe Thévignot has a wealth of professional experience in the fields of EU policy, knowledge management and communications. Since 2016 he has been involved in a series of projects at European level (H2020 projects, for the European Commission and the European investment Bank), and is Knowledge manager and ICT Manager at AEIDL.

Christophe is also participating in social innovation initiatives in France and Belgium (Carrefour des Innovations Sociales, BISSIB).

Between 2010 and 2016, Christophe was responsible for coordinating the EU LIFE Programme external communications team, which includes the management and supervision of 20 staff (14 FTE), including journalists, ICT experts and nature, climate and environment experts.

Before joining AEIDL, Christophe held a senior position as head of communications with the Brussels-based Publicis Consultants firm. This role included marketing and web development for CORDIS, the European Union's portal for research and innovation. Other high-profile positions in Christophe's career portfolio include a one-year posting as a Brand Manager at Belgacom (telecom); four years as a consultant for the European Commission's DG Communication, providing inputs into opinion surveys such as Eurobarometer; and two years with the French embassy in Brussels, as their European correspondent.

Christophe holds Master’s degree in Linguistics and in Marketing and Communication, as well as a Degree in Business and Law. He speaks French, English and Spanish.