Information & Database Officer.

Sophie joined AEIDL in 2009 to work in the communications team for the EU LIFE programme. She is in charge of managing the media (photos, videos, documents) produced by the projects, and contributes to the management of several in-house databases linked to the programme (projects, documents, contacts).

She is also part of the Knowledge Management team and has, amongst others, contributed to the creation of several internal databases for AEIDL. Sophie is actively involved in AEIDL’s community work, and has taken part in several working groups on AEIDL’s strategy and strategy implementation since 2012.

From 2011 to 2015, Sophie was part of AEIDL’s Business Development Unit, by handling the administrative part of calls for tenders. She is the Chairwoman of AEIDL’s Ecoteam since 2016.

Sophie has a degree in Information & Library Management, and has been working as a Librarian & Information Officer since 2003. A native French speaker, she is also fluent in English, Dutch and Spanish.


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