Digital products coordinator

Thomas joined the AEIDL team in 2006 as coordinator for the European Citizens’ Panel. Since then he has participated in other AEIDL projects including the Intelligent Energy Europe library for the EU's Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation and the Linking Local Actors initiative. He joined the LIFE Communications Team in 2008 and has been the Webmaster for the Europa LIFE website until February 2020. He is now digital product coordinator and analyses and supervises the production of websites, campaign websites and newsletters and related activities with clients.

Thomas previously worked for five years as a project coordinator for the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation in Brussels, which focused on cultural projects for young people. He helped to start MUS-E Brasil in 2003, a project for children from the favelas in Salvador de Bahia. Before joining AEIDL, he conducted research on disabled people for the French-speaking community in Belgium.

With a background in Social and Economic Policy, Thomas speaks French, English and Italian fluently.