LIFE Communications Team Coordinator.

Carla is a Stakeholder Engagement Expert with extensive experience running EU centralised and decentralised Communications Campaigns, and managing diverse teams.

She has deep knowledge of both the private market and of Brussels’ based EU Institutions procedures. In her 20+ years of career she has built constructive business relations with high level Policy Officers in various DGs, and representatives of major EU associations and NGOs.

As the LIFE Communications Team Coordinator Carla is in charge of designing the overall Dissemination Strategies, Budgeting, Implementation of Communication activities, Coordination with both Client Representatives and Neemo Consortium Managers, Progress Monitoring, Follow up and Reporting.

Carla is an active person who enjoys working strategically and planning ahead so to ensure excellent visibility and minimize the impact of unforeseeable events. Her best skills comprise defining detailed strategic marketing and communications plans and setting up procedures that enable co-workers to reach objectives.

Before joining AEIDL she led the Social Media and Stakeholder Engagement Team of ICF Mostra, one of the most important Brussels based EU Communications Agencies, where she established the team and grew it from 3 to 12 people in less than 3 years. The position entailed the overall supervision and management of 30+ communications and stakeholder engagement projects a year, internal budgeting, allocation of resources, strategizing and implementation.

Carla was born in Venice, is Internationally educated, speaks English fluently, perfect French, good Spanish, and has an Italian mother tongue.


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