Policy adviser.

Alexander Elu has worked on the research, analysis and development of economic, employment and social protection policies at different levels - national administration (Spanish Economic and Social Committee), EU institutions (European Commission, DG EMPL) and academia.  He holds a BA in Economics (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona) and a PhD in History and Civilisation (European University Institute, Florence).

Upon joining AEIDL in March 2019 as Policy Adviser, Alexander has worked at the ESF Transnational Platform coordinating the thematic networks on Employment and Inclusion. He is also an AEIDL staff member of the “Buying for Social Impact” and “Collecting Good Practices and Raising Awareness on Socially Responsible Public Procurement” projects which are commissioned by EASME and DG GROW.

Alexander previously worked on social policy development and advocacy at Eurodiaconia, a Brussels-based European network of not-for-profit providers of social services where he was responsible for access to employment and social services topics.