Caring for the environment

In an effort to respect the planet, AEIDL wants to contribute to reducing the pressures and nuisances that affect our environment.

Ecodynamic organisation label

In accordance with our environmental statement, our aim is to continually reduce the environmental footprint of our organisation by choosing to use lower impact mobility, consume resources more intelligently, minimise waste, and maximise reusing and recycling. We will do our best to extend these principles to our members, chain of suppliers and partners. We are committed to complying with all relevant environmental legislation.

In December 2018, AEIDL was granted a 3-stars Ecodynamic organisation label by Bruxelles Environnement. This is the highest possible score, and it certifies that AEIDL complies with more than 100 best practices in eight thematic priorities.

Here are some examples of what has been done so far in those themes:


AEIDL has placed plants in all office spaces which purify the air and absorb building related pollutants. Chemical air fresheners have been removed and substituted by air fresheners with an environmental label.


We strive to reduce our waste production. Our per-person waste is significantly below the average (only 2.1 kg/person/year of plastic-metal-cans). Our purchasing policy specifically bans all single-use plastics, including plastic bottles.


We are proud to say that almost all employees mainly use "soft" means of transport to come to work. AEIDL does not contribute to staff commuting costs when they use their private cars, but does contribute to public transport costs. We have an in-doors secured bicycle station, and showers are available for cyclists. CO2 emissions from business trips are systematically offset.


Internally, an environment unit ("EcoTeam") has been monitoring the implementation of best practices and behaviours since 2015. It is composed of members and collaborators motivated by environmental issues, but the initiatives, ideas and advice of all staff members are welcome and taken into account.


In our premises, we have silent computers and low-noise printers, have installed absorbent panels and perforated ceilings and made sure that the technical rooms are separated from the workspaces.


From 2012, a series of construction work was carried out on the building to reduce energy consumption. Insulated with natural materials, native plants were planted on the roof. In addition, AEIDL is exclusively supplied with green energy through the green energy distributor Mega.


We have set up a sustainable purchases policy which respect the values and commitments of AEIDL. Supply purchase and services are evaluated under different aspects: real need for the purchase, waste production, pollution, use of natural resources, etc. A “grind and brew” coffee maker with a selection of Fair Trade coffee beans has been installed to replace the former capsules machine.

AEIDL strives to communicate its approach as effectively as possible to its members and staff, as well as to its suppliers and partners to encourage them to also get involved.

Activities such as team outings, with meetings and visits to ecological projects, are regularly organised.