(10 May 2021) - The Executive Board approved on 9 May the Rules of Procedure that set out the composition of the Plenary of the Conference on the Future of Europe, and how it will work.


(07 May 2021) - Partner institutions have signed up to the three 2030 headline targets set in the Commission's European Pillar of Social Rights Action Plan in a joint Porto Social Commitment.


(07 May 2021) - The European Commission is proposing a strategy on COVID-19 therapeutics to support the development and availability of COVID-19 therapeutics, including for the treatment of ‘long COVID'.

Industrial Strategy

(05 May 2021) - The Commission updates the EU Industrial Strategy to ensure that it “takes full account of the new circumstances following the COVID-19 crisis and drives the transformation to a more sustainable, digital, resilient and globally competitive economy.”


(04 May 2021) - Member States today approved a European Commission’s proposal to allow the use of dried yellow mealworms as a novel food.