Smart Villages

(05 October 2018) - Social and digital "smart villages" are trending across Europe. Paul Soto and Enrique Nieto (ENRD / AEIDL / Grupo Alba) show that smart villages focus on local communities that take their futures into their own hands, often, but not exclusively, with the help of digital technologies.


(18 September 2018) - A new CIRIEC study outlines a diversified selection of successful practices in public policies regarding the Social Economy across different European countries.

Cape Verde

(11 September 2018) - Twenty years of applying a LEADER-type approach in Cape Verde has significantly reduced poverty in this deprived country and stemmed the rural exodus, while strengthening democracy and community-led local development.


(11 July 2018) - Noémie Bessette (AEIDL) has identified and analysed 23 community-led climate actions implemented in several EU countries.