(11 February 2019) - NEEMO EEIG, of which AEIDL is a partner, is looking for an experienced communications coordinator who will be responsible for planning, directing and overseeing all communications activities within the LIFE programme Communications and Events team.


AEIDL is regularly seeking collaborators – experts and communicators – to work under various project proposals and contracts, and to feature in our tenders in relation to potential contracts and projects.

Entreprise écodynamique

(11 February 2019) - AEIDL has once again joined other Brussels-based organisations that comply with the eco-friendly dynamic: we are an Ecodynamic Organisation certified by Bruxelles Environnement with a third star.

Live In Color

(25 January 2019) - AEIDL has just become involved in two new projects in favour of migrants: MAX, which aims to help spread a more accurate picture of migration, and YMCB, which aims to strengthen the entrepreneurial capacities of young migrants.

Fernando Barreiro

We are very saddened at the news of the death of Fernando Barreiro, a member of AEIDL, a long-standing friend and colleague, an unfailing local development activist.


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