Abandoned farmhouse

(14 June 2019) - AEIDL and Paul Soto (AEIDL, ENRD) have been quoted by the Reuters Foundation in an article on Spain’s rural depopulation that has also been published on Yahoo! News and in The Daily Mail.

ESF Transnational Platform

(07 June 2019) - The European Social Fund’s Transnational Platform, managed by AEIDL, is coming to the end of its four-year duration. In May it held its final conference.


(17 May 2019) - AEIDL is involved in the development of nature in its neighbourhood.

ESF Transnational Platform

(06 May 2019) - The European Social Fund Transnational Platform, which is coordinated by AEIDL, is organising two conferences in May and in June in Brussels.


(24 April 2019) - AEIDL is currently looking for specialists in the field of communication to be included in a proposal addressed to European Institutions.