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The scope of innovations that are developing to improve life in refugee camps is impressive and undeniably crucial. Social Innovation Europe presents a series of initiatives dealing with housing.

Refugees Welcome (Flüchtlinge Wilkommen) in Germany has been dubbed the AirBnB for refugees. People who can offer a space in their home sign up, and are matched with a refugee often through a local refugee charity.

Better Shelter, a Swedish social enterprise, has partnered with the Ikea Foundation and UNHCR to create a flat-packed structure that can be used in camps in lieu of tents. In 2015 the UNHCR signed a frame agreement for 30 000 of these shelters, and 1220 have already been shipped to their operation in Greece.

The Rockwool Group creates stone wool, which is a non-combustible material that can also be customised to absorb water. The group has entered into a partnership with Danish charity, DanChurchAid, to test how stone wool could be used in refugee camps in a variety of ways.

WakaWaka, a company that makes portable solar energy devices, has created a variety of products for providing lighting and charging phones. There are currently 56 550 WakaWaka products in use by Syrian refugees across camps in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Northern Iraq.

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