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A French court of appeal has handed down a four-month suspended jail term on Cédric Herrou, an olive farmer renowned for helping migrants slip across the border from Italy.

Cédric Herrou
© La Croix

(08 August 2017) - Cédric Herrou is a farmer who supports and houses African refugees in the alpine village of Breil-Sur-Roya in Southern France, against the wishes of local authorities.

Some regard him as heroic but others - including the French police and courts - think he’s an activist illegally helping refugees to cross from Italy and avoid official border controls.

Is Herrou fighting a losing battle? He and his fellow campaigners’ activities offer a microcosm in which to examine the conflicted relationship of French citizens with the current influx of refugees into France and Europe more widely. (France 24 / The Guardian)

Video "The Valley Rebels"


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