LIFE-Nature Expert.

João is currently the Nature Reference person for the LIFE Communications Team at AEIDL. He has overall responsibility for the identification and dissemination of successful LIFE Nature projects. He also identifies opportunities for bringing projects and other stakeholders together, establishing thematic events and networks for ongoing LIFE projects, and facilitating thematic workshops. João is also the technical coordinator for all the Nature LIFE Focus brochures. As well as selecting the best LIFE project case studies, he is responsible providing an overview of EU policy in the respective areas.

Between 2006 and 2009 he was also the technical editor/ coordinator of the DG Environment - Natura 2000 newsletter. João is a Portuguese national and has a background in Plant Biology at Lisbon University and Barcelona University. He joined AEIDL in 2006 after working as a consultant for environmental impact assessment studies.

Prior to this, he was a LIFE Nature project coordinator in Portugal, and worked on evaluation criteria for Biodiversity to the Portuguese PEFC and FSC. He was also involved in the coordination of several projects on ecology and geology.

He speaks Portuguese (mother tongue), English, Spanish and French.