Script writer and journalist.

Robin is a communications expert with the LIFE and fi-compass teams at AEIDL. His work at AEIDL consists in writing and film-making for fi-compass and LIFE projects.

Robin is a researcher, writer and film maker, with 20 years of experience in those fields. He has worked in a range of research institutions and his research and journalistic writings, specialising in digital technologies and social and political affairs, have been published in a range of outlets around the world.

His films include four feature-length documentaries, which have been screened at festivals around the world, and have won various prizes including best documentary feature at the London Independent Film Festival and Award of Merit at the Indyfest Film Festival. He has made more than a dozen films for organisations such as Renewable World, Groundswell, Unlocking Potential, as well as for communities such as the Oromo in the UK’s Gateway Project and the Senegalese Baye Fall.

He also works as a copywriter and writes on various aspects of social affairs. He has a Ph.D. in politics, M.Sc. in politics and sociology and a B.A. in politics and modern history.