Finance and contract management

Erik Gobin oversees AEIDL's contracts to ensure that they deliver the best operational and financial performance and offer quality service and execution. He follows budgeting and accounting, performs risk analyses and evaluation and makes predictions which ease planning and decision-making.

Previously, Erik consulted for projects which supported small businesses and private sector development in several Sub-Saharan African countries. In this role, he travelled widely and managed numerous projects, mainly on behalf of the European Commission.

Following this, he dedicated time to supporting the arts, managing dance and theatre companies. He created his own production office, 'Phileas Productions', which offered many services around financial and budgetary management, production, team coordination, search for subsidies and alternative finance, and broadcasting.

Before joining AEIDL, Erik was administrative and finance director at MSK, the Museum of Fine Arts, Ghent.

Erik holds a MSc in economics from the University of Namur, and a specialisation in agricultural economics from the University of Jerusalem. Erik is bilingual in Dutch and French, he also speaks English and Spanish.