ELIF Launches Call for Community-Led Social Innovation Projects

The European Local Innovation Forum (ELIF) launches a call for projects showcasing Community-Led Social Innovations (CLSI) across the EU. This initiative aims to highlight and promote inspiring examples, culminating in the launch of a CLSI network during ELIF’s online event in November 2024.

Objectives of the Call:

        • Increase understanding and recognition of CLSI and its significant value in addressing social challenges.
        • Identify, share, and learn from community-led social innovation experiences that respond to key emerging social needs.
        • Establish a dynamic network connecting EU-based local actors and communities to facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration among those engaged in or aspiring to undertake community-led social innovation initiatives. This will build capacities to support the scale-up and transferability of successful experiences across Europe.
Benefits for applicants:

Participating in this call offers the opportunity to increase the visibility of your project at a European level, enhancing credibility and attracting potential partners, funding organisations, and new initiatives. It also allows you to enhance your team’s skills and knowledge through participation in upcoming ELIF CLSI events and activities, and to contribute to strengthening the voice of local actors involved in social innovation to improve policies supporting them.

Find all info about the call, submission guidelines and evaluation procedures by following this link.

Submission guidelines:

Deadline: 16 September 2024, 17h00 CET.

The final selection of projects will be finalised and communicated by 11 October 2024.

To be considered admissible, an application shall be readable and accessible. We give priority to projects that have achieved verifiable and evaluated results, whether these projects are still ongoing or completed. However, we welcome projects/practices concluded or still ongoing, as long as they have already achieved certain verifiable results.

Format of submission: the application shall be filled in here below. An application submitted outside of EU Survey or after the deadline will not be accepted.

Geographical scope: EU-27 countries (the project/practice can have been implemented on a transnational basis).

Language: Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications in English to speed up processing. Applications in any EU official language will be accepted but must include an English executive summary. The assessment will be based on both the English executive summary and the machine-translated version of the submission (translation quality is not guaranteed). Please beware that all communication with AEIDL and future CLSI events will be held in English.

Submit your project by following this link.


A question? For any enquiry about this call please write to .