Marina Albu

AEIDL General Assembly member;President of the National LEADER Network in the Republic of Moldova;Strategic development manager at the Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova

PhD studies in public administration, MA in Law and MA in Political Science as well as post-diploma economy studies. Since 2018 President of the National LEADER Network in the Republic of Moldova. Since 2015 has been working for Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova responsible for development of the organisation as well as programme coordinator and community facilitator. Professional trainer, since 2013 has organised and conducted numerous workshops, study visits and trainings for local leaders (LPAs, CSOs, local business) on local development, local partnership building and local economic growth, including innovative business as well as clusters and agriculture development. Specialised in community mobilisation and community development. Has trained local actors in implementing local development projects and facilitated the elaboration of local development instruments. Coordinator of Local Implementation Teams. Advanced interpersonal skills, full of enthusiasm and commitment.