Zoltán Barna-Lázár

Managing director;Lead consultant;AEIDL Board member

Zoltán Barna-Lázár works as a consultant in the field of regional development. His main areas of expertise are local economic development, sustainable urban development, tourism and cross-border development. Between 1999 and 2003, Zoltán contributed to several technical assistance projects, which supported national and local authorities in Hungary in preparing for the implementation of EU Structural Funds. Since 2003, as head of the consultancy company Ex Ante, he has expanded his role in the fields of strategic planning and programme evaluation, project planning and management, institution building and adult training, working with clients from the public sector in several countries in South-East Europe (Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Serbia and Romania), as well as with NGOs, the European Commission and the UNDP. Zoltán also regularly lectures at universities and business schools in Hungary. For the past ten years, he has been one of the organisers of Hungary’s most reputed professional events in regional development, the Tokaj Conference.