Séverine Bressaud

Expert in integrated local development, green transition and European cooperation AEIDL General Assembly member

Séverine BRESSAUD, Expert in European cooperation and ecological transition. Co-founder of Eurêka 21, Séverine Bressaud is specialist of integrated local development strategies and of transnational cooperation. She has begun her career as a member of the French national LEADER+ unit and then, of the national network unit of LEADER 2007-2013. In the last few years, she has confirmed her commitment in green transition and notably in mountainous areas through the development of the European network of Emblematic Mediterranean mountains. She has also developed her knowledge and skills in: – Methodological fields: definition and implementation of strategies (esp. Leader, smart villages), conception of methodological tools and guidance notably in transnational cooperation, moderation of transnational meetings, peers to peers review to improve respective practices… – Thematic fields: climate change and green transition, sustainable tourism, smart strategies, local food and link urban/rural – European programmes: EAFRD and LEADER, ESF and ERDF, cooperation ERDF (INTERREG, URBACT…), European sectoral programmes (Europe for citizens, ERASMUS+…). These experiences allow her to work at all territorial level: from European scale to local one, from Management authorities to local areas.