Ana Fernández Prieto

Administrative and Logistics Assistant

Ana is the Administrative and Logistics Assistant at AEIDL for the European Commission’s (DG REGIO) pilot initiative Communities for Climate (C4C). She provides substantial support internally at AEIDL, particularly in human resources matters.

Before coming to AEIDL, Ana has had several experiences within he EU projects and institutions, and also in the private sector. Her main areas of expertise are project management, youth engagement and language solutions. She has worked for the Erasmus+ programme and the European Solidarity Corps and collaborated for the DiscoverEU initiative during her period at the European Commission. She’s managed translation projects and communication activities across various organizations, leveraging her linguistic skills as a former university-level Spanish language assistant. 

Residing in Brussels since 2019, Ana’s international exposure began at a young age through the Erasmus+ programme, which led her to live in Scotland, France, and Italy. Her proactive nature is evident in her commitment to societal contributions. Over the past few years, Ana has volunteered extensively, collaborating with the Ministry of Education of Spain in the distribution of practical information, the promotion of training programmes and publication of academic materials; participating in events connecting youth with EU projects; supporting orientation sessions in her hometown (Mérida) to promote European-funded programmes for young people. She has also had the chance to collaborate with the MEP Nacho Amor in the promotion of European traineeship programmes at regional level for Extremadura’s youth.

Ana holds a European Master in Specialised Translation from the EMT Network and several specialised courses in project management and EU-related matters. While Spanish is her mother tongue, she is proficient in English and French, with a working knowledge of Italian.