Eileen Humphreys

Researcher Social Directorate;AEIDL general assembly member

Eileen Humphreys has worked in public policy research in academic institution or private consultancy since 1986. Currently, she is a post-doctoral research fellow at an inter-disciplinary research institute at the University of Limerick, Ireland, and she also has her own private consultancy.Areas of expertise include: social capital in local communities (which was the subject of her doctoral research); social aspects of urban regeneration (education, labour market, health and well-being) and employment policy. She has expertise in rural development in the context of the LEADER Programme (in the UK and Ireland). Current or recent research includes: baseline study of the needs of children and families in urban neighbourhoods; study of health inequalities in ageing populations in urban neighbourhoods; and consultancy to a private sector-led initiative (Limerick Enterprise Development Partnership) in the development, review and evaluation of projects (enterprise, labour market, education) to support urban regeneration.In recent years, she has participated in contracts related to the implementation and evaluation of ESF in Ireland. She worked for over ten years (1988-2000) in a private consultancy (LRDP Kantor) undertaking policy development and evaluation work in areas such as social inclusion, urban and rural development and SME development.