Michel Laine

Independent expert

After 8 years of human ressources management in an american company, Michel Laine spent most of his career as an official of the European Commission in Brussel. Most of these 33 years of european involvement were devoted to local development in rural areas, transnational cooperation and social affairs :- The design and management of the Leader Initiative which proved to bring long lasting results was an opportunity to master the mecanisms of integrated localdevelopment.- The management of the Employment and Adapt initiatives, together with the design ofthe Equal Initiative were usefull to understand the transnational cooperation issues,- 12 years of management of the Social Fund in a variety of member states havedeepened the expertise in institutional and economic patterns articulating training,employment and insertion policies.The last 5 years (2012-2017) have been devoted to independant consultancy in the field oflocal/regional integrated strategies and field evaluation, with a number of contracts in France and Italy.