Carla Lostrangio

Carla Lostrangio

Rural and Territorial Development Officer

Carla Lostrangio is the Rural and Territorial Development Officer at AEILD. She has a background in Economics and Sustainable Territorial Development. Since 2018, she collaborated on several European funded projects as partner, Work Package coordinator and coordinator. 

As such, she gained expertise on different topics related to the development of rural areas, such as territorial cohesion, mountain development, social innovation, pastoralism and rural youth. 

In 2022, she joined AEIDL where she is involved and manages the AEIDL contribution to different Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe projects, such as SHERPA and GRANULAR.  She also offers technical and policy support to other AEIDL projects. 

Carla is an Italian citizen and is fluent in Italian, English and French.