Patricia Martínez Sáez

Project Manager

Patricia is a project manager with 7 years of professional experience in EU programme and project management in social affairs.

After working in ConexxEurope as the project coordinator of the Erasmus + project European Network of Socially Responsible Universities, Patricia joined AEIDL in 2016 to work as the Project Executive of the H2020 Social Innovation Community project. She has been the project coordinator of the 12-partner COSME project European Migrant Entrepreneurship network during the period 2017-2020 and project manager of the AMIF projects Maximising Migrants Contribution to Society and European Platform of Integrating Cities projects. In 2021, she was part of the team working on the EIGE’s contract Gender-responsive public procurement and the DG Employment contract Assessing and disseminating the results of the social innovation calls financed by the EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation.

She holds degrees in Law and Political Science, a Master’s degrees in European integration, with a specialisation in European Law, and in European Project Planning and Management.

She speaks Spanish (mother tongue), English, Italian, French and Portuguese. She also holds three diplomas from the United Nations University – Merit on Migration Studies.