José Menendez

Director Euclides;AEIDL General Assembly member

Jose Manuel Menéndez Arguelles is a specialist in strategies for local economic development and mobilising the social economy.In 1994, he became the promoter and director of EUCLIDES, which is a centre for business, the social economy and local development located in Anderlecht (Brussels). Jose is the founder of, and advisor to, different economic and cultural projects as well as businesses operating in the context of the social economy. For EUCLIDES, he is in charge of different calls for tender in the framework of European programmes on training, support for business start up, the social economy, research and development and the environment. José was also responsible for the coordination of URBAN and ERDF projects in Brussels (1999-2009).Between 2003 and 2006 he also taught Regional Policy and the Common Agricultural Policy at the Institute for Higher Studies on Social Communication in Brussels.