Christopher Murnaghan

Digital Media and Video Specialist

Christopher is digital media practitioner, passionate about creating dynamic audio-visual materials. His focus is on motion design, graphic design, animation, and AR/VR applications. He spent a decade working in digital communications for commercial projects. Since then, he has transferred those skills to projects with a social, environmental, and economic focus. He has been working principally in the domain of European Union projects.

He has two degrees in literature (BA and MA) as well as Foundation Degree in Media Production. Upon graduating, he started a digital marketing company, Aglow Films, undertaking many commercial projects for online distribution. Clients included Belvita, EE Telecommunications, Original Source, and Barclays. A decade later, he moved to France, shifting focus to policy-oriented communications, particularly projects within the EU framework. Since that time, he has worked for AEIDL on diverse contracts. Notable projects include the LIFE Awards (DG ENV), H2020 TRANSFORM, Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) (European Commission), and FiCompass (European Investment Bank).

Chris is a Londoner originally, speaking English natively. He speaks French fluently, and Spanish conversationally.