Merveille Ntabuhashe

Communication Officer

Merveille first joined AEIDL in 2021, where she managed the association’s communication and dissemination strategy. She pursued other opportunities outside the organization before returning to AEIDL in July 2023 as a Communication Officer.

In her current role, she is in charge of communication and dissemination for various Horizon Europe projects focusing on rural and territorial development.

Throughout her career, she has garnered experience in communication within international and European organisations, with a particular focus on sustainability, rural development, and social and human rights issues. Her responsibilities have ranged from implementing projects and communication strategies and organizing events to managing press relations, social media platforms, writing reports and articles, as well as undertaking graphic design and video editing tasks.

Merveille holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication & Public Relations, a master’s degree in Political Science & International Relations and a certification in Human Rights. She speaks French, English and Swahili and has a basic understanding of Dutch.