Shannon Pfohman

Project Manager and Line Manager

(Dr.) Shannon Pfohman is AEIDL’s Project and Line Manager in the Communities for Climate (C4C) Project, funded by the European Commission (DG REGIO). Prior to this, she was the Policy and Advocacy Director of Caritas Europa, the Deputy Director of Policy at the European Network Against Racism, the Competence Centre Manager for Equal Opportunities in the Migration and Qualification Department of the Confederation of German Trade Unions, and a researcher at the Berlin Institute for Comparative Social Research. In all of these roles, she was active in the project management of EU-funded grants and research spanning topics related to social economy and social policies, housing, long-term care, migration, asylum, and integration, development and international cooperation, climate change, innovation, among others. 

She completed her PhD in Political Science from the Free University, Berlin by comparing the integration models in Berlin and Chicago affecting the reception and long-term inclusion possibilities for a sample of refugees who fled the war in Bosnia Herzegovina in the early 1990s. Her Masters Degree was in Intercultural Communication and Conflict Management and for her Bachelors Degree, she pursued a double major in Political Science and German and a minor in international relations. She speaks English, German and French and understand a bit of Dutch and Spanish. 

In the realm of the C4C project, Shannon manages the project and AEIDL staff involved in its implementation. The project seeks to activate and support 50 local communities in 11 EU countries to engage in local level initiatives in the fight against climate change in the areas of renewable energy, water resource management, biodiversity and circular economy. The ultimate objective is to promote and showcase promising climate change practices that can be replicated in future.