European Local Innovation Forum

Welcome to the Forum

This is a space for experts and organisations operating and connected at the local level in both urban and rural settings, to facilitate the exchange of ideas, learn from experiences and draw lessons to boost innovation in local communities from across Europe.

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In AEIDL, we believe that innovation driven and implemented by local communities is essential to boost the transformative changes needed in Europe. We understand local innovation as any new and creative process, service or product that emerges in a local territory as a result of engaging with local communities and actors in order to seize new opportunities or address local challenges. Local innovation offers opportunities to encourage positive change and generate local socio-economic and environmental welfare. 

The ambition of our Local Innovation Forum is to maximise the power of gathering like-minded people and community-oriented organisations to help improving local living and ultimately generate more cohesion in Europe. 

ELIF Thematic Communities

ELIF provides a space to participate in targeted thematic exchanges and learn from peers, experts and actors involved in local innovation through thematic communities. Find out about our Thematic Communities.

Why join the European Local Innovation Forum ?

The Forum offers its members opportunities to:

  • get informed about relevant information on innovative initiatives and experiences from across Europe implemented by AEIDL and other relevant actors;
  • participate in targeted thematic exchanges and learn from peers, experts and actors involved in local innovation;
  • strengthen the voice of local actors through EU networking, to help improve policies that support local innovation;

All members receive a regular newsletter with relevant information and updates on upcoming events and developments that take place in the Thematic Communities :

Who can become a member of the Local Innovation Forum ?

The Forum is particularly targeted to stakeholder organisations and experts working at intermediate territorial levels such as provinces, regions and national level, and strongly connected with the implementation of innovative local action.  It includes, for instance, Local Action Groups, innovation hubs, civil society organisations and networks, regional public authorities, research centres, municipalities, among others. 

The forum will also seek collaboration with EU level organisations to add value and build synergies around local innovation.  

There is no pre-defined criteria or membership needed to be part of the Forum. 

If you would like to join ELIF you can do so by following this link.

When you now longer wish to receive ELIF updates, you will be able to unsubscribe by sending us an email .

How does the Forum work ?

The Forum is mainly operationalised  through Thematic Communities, gathered around relevant topics for local innovation. Thematic Communities implement a series of online meetings every  year to which the members of the Forum are invited to participate. The working language is English (no translation provided). The Thematic Communities will work together to produce specific outputs such as good practices, thematic articles, policy papers, podcasts, policy recommendations etc.