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Community-led social innovation

Community-led social innovation is about local actors that cooperate to develop and implement new solutions to meet unsatisfied social needs that they have identified on their territories, and create new social relationships. 

Social innovation

Why should we foster social innovation?

  •  To provide more and better social responses to the complex challenges of our fast evolving society
  • To create opportunities to improve the well-being, living and working conditions of citizens

In this thematic community, we aim to:

  • Raise interest and awareness about local social innovation
  • Identify, share and learn from community-led social innovation experiences that respond to key emerging social needs;
  • Build capacities to support the scale up and transferability of successful experiences across Europe;
  • Simply connect, exchange, debate with peers to draw conclusions and recommendations to boost community-led social innovation in Europe.


Armelle Ledan

Armelle Ledan

Social innovation Project Coordinator

Lucia Princikova

Lucia Princikova

EU Project and Business Development Officer

Patricia Martínez Sáez

Patricia Martínez Sáez

Project Manager

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