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Territorial development

Community-led innovation is about local people taking stock of local assets, drawing on the best available knowledge and taking the initiative to solve emerging challenges and seize opportunities for their area. It is about a place-based approach to achieve incremental innovation in all territories of the EU. It is a key way to enhance democracy at the local level and reconnect with the EU, making Europe closer to citizens. 

Territorial development

Why territorial development for local innovation?

  • To tap into the potential of local communities in providing innovative responses to present-day challenges and  opportunities as they are key partners in the development of the European project;
  • To boost innovation in Europe for the benefit of  local citizens and to contribute to the sustainable development of local communities.

In this thematic community, we aim to:

  • Enhance networking at a pan-European scale connecting stakeholders and communities involved in place-based territorial innovation;
  • Facilitate peer-learning by creating spaces for dialogue, exchange and debate of local experiences;
  • Raise the importance of enabling local innovation through place-based territorial development within the EU policy agenda;
  • Explore new ways to fully maximise the potential of existing EU instruments supporting territorial development (CLLD, ITI, Smart villages, etc.) and analyse new territorial development models that support local innovation.


Serafín Pazos-Vidal

Serafín Pazos-Vidal

Senior Expert, Rural and Territorial Development

Enrique Nieto

Enrique Nieto

Head of the Policy Unit

Community meetings

Past events

24/11/22 - ELIF LAUNCH EVENT : Revitalising community-led innovation in Europe

The European Local Innovation Forum (ELIF) launch event aims to:

  • Boost exchange about the importance of community-led innovation to respond to modern societal challenges and opportunities in Europe;
  • Debate how community-led innovation is being supported in Europe;
  • Raise awareness and build a common understanding of the ELIF and its added value for local actors (promotion);
  • Share common interests and co-design the focus of the ELIF Thematic Communities.