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Intercultural neighbourhood meeting organised by Tot Raval, Barcelona.



through social networks, new forms of

trade, solidarity and mobilisation are




new forms of entrepreneurship are

emerging and developing: social

enterprises, citizen enterprises,

cooperatives and network enterprises.

The European Commission, in particular

via its Social Business Initiative, wants to

help create an environment that favours

the development of a solidarity-based

social economy in Europe;



social innovations are to be found in

many fields, promoted at the local

level, but in the context of support

programmes at European, national or

regional levels;

“Raval is a socially responsible territory. We enforce

values like: tolerance, acknowledgment and respect

towards others, solidarity, shared responsibility,

commitment, participation, feeling of belonging,

sustainability and civility.”

Elisa Covelo O’Neill, Fundació Tot Raval, Spain


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