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whose lack of hope makes them silent, to

support initiatives, and to bring together all

those wishing to innovate.

The challenge now is to promote citizen

involvement, to support and encourage all

those who – whether in the public, private,

or community and voluntary sector – are

helping to open up new perspectives at

local level: regional projects, business and

social entrepreneurship projects based

on solidarity, alternative development

projects using local resources, local trading

systems, local climate action plans, etc.

This requires that we contribute to a

renewal of local democracy and to

empower local communities to take their

future into their own hands.

That we support all policies and

programmes likely to promote citizen and

territorial creativity, with a special focus on

“community-led local development”, the

term now commonly used by the European


That we encourage and facilitate synergies

and cooperation between actors at

local, regional, national, European and

international level, with a view to enriching

the collective discourse and progressively

constructing the tools needed for ecological

and socio-economic transition and the

construction of new forms of solidarity.

That we experiment with the implementa-

tion of these innovative approaches in all

territories, whether rural, coastal, urban or

suburban, where groups of citizens, public

and private stakeholders are willing to act

and innovate.

That we have confidence in our culture,

and in the intelligence of communities and

territories and in their capacity to address

the economic, environmental and societal

challenges we face, and help rebuild the

European project.


“Green way” in the “Valley of the Carp”, Poland.

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