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On a warm summer evening in 1988, Bruce

Springsteen was on stage in East Berlin

playing in front of 300000 East Germans.

He stepped up to the microphone and told

the crowd why he had come to the city:


not here for or against any government,”



“I’ve come to play rock n roll for you

in the hope that one day all the barriers will

be torn down.”

The following year the Berlin

wall was torn down.

After 25 years, we feel that the time has

come again to tear down some symbolic

walls and reinvent the Europe that we love, a

Europe which is, in the proper use of these

adjectives, ‘smart, sustainable and inclusive’.

The “Reinventing Europe through Local

Initiative” conference that we organised

on 19-20 February in Brussels, and the 25

“promising initiatives” that it showcased,

are an important first milestone towards

achieving this ambition.

Márta Márczis

President of AEIDL



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