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Page Background

AEIDL, the European Association for

Information on Local Development, was

founded in 1988 by like-minded individuals

who believed that European integration

could make a positive contribution

to citizenship and to the sustainable

development of local communities. Its

objective was to contribute to bringing

Europe closer to its citizens and to promote

A contribution by AEIDL

Rethinking the European project

from the perspective of citizens

and local communities

The European project is in need of renewal. A growing disconnect between the

EU and its citizens threatens the democratic legitimacy of the EU.

interaction at local level, between all those

who wanted to open up new development


Over the last 25 years, AEIDL has seen

significant changes in Europe, marked by

the search for that elusive equilibrium that

Jacques Delors defined as,


that stimulates, cooperation that

strengthens and solidarity that unites.”

Conference participants in front of the European Parliament (19 February 2014).

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