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In general, Europe is suffering from

decision-making mechanisms that are

difficult to understand for the majority of

citizens. Even if major progress has been

made, especially in boosting the role of the

European Parliament, the EU is still seen

as distant by European citizens, and in

many countries there is a great temptation

to blame “Brussels” for everything that

goes wrong!

The Europe to which we aspire is in great

danger – unemployment is exploding,

jobs are becoming increasingly insecure,

social and environmental dumping is

commonplace, populism and protectionism

are gaining ground, and citizens are losing

confidence in their leaders, both at national

and European level.

Schoolchildren in a windmill in Samsø, Denmark.

“Initiative implies the desire to transgress.

Innovation is a successful disobedience.”

Michel Dupoirieux, Union régionale des Sociétés

coopératives et participatives (SCOP)

de Languedoc-Roussillon, France


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