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This was the theme of a conference organised by the European Association for Information

on Local Development (AEIDL), on the occasion of its 25th anniversary. The conference

took place in Brussels on the 19


and 20


February 2014.

The first day, which was held in the European Parliament, drew more than 150 participants

from 27 countries.

The contributions and debates focused on the need to renew the European Project, taking

into account the initiatives of citizens and territories, in order to meet current economic,

environmental and social challenges.

These contributions and debates were brought to life by presentations of 25 different local

initiatives, drawn from 17 countries and covering a full geographic range from metropolitan

centres to the most peripheral rural areas.

This publication highlights the main points from the contributions, debates, and the

presentation of the 25 promising initiatives.

Reinventing Europe through Local Initiative

9 782930 818016

ISBN 978-2-930818-01-6