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2019 EU budget: provisional agreement reached

Dec 6, 2018 | News

(06 December 2018) – The European Parliament and the Council, with the support of the Commission, have reached a provisional agreement on the 2019 EU budget during a decisive trilogue.


The 2019 EU budget is set at €165.8 billion in commitments (money that can be agreed in contracts in a given year) and €148.2 billion in payment credits (money that will be paid out). Some key features include:

• Close to half of the funds – €80.5 billion in commitments – will go towards boosting the European economy, employment and competitiveness. A further €57.2 billion via the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESI Funds) will help narrow economic gaps, nationally as well as between Member States;

• €2.8 billion will be dedicated to education through Erasmus+ (+20% compared to 2018). The European Solidarity Corps will receive €143 million. A further €350 million via the Youth Employment Initiative, will support young people in regions where youth unemployment is high;

• European farmers will benefit from €59.0 billion;

• Security will be enforced within and beyond EU borders.

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