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4 out of 5 EU citizens support private sector in development cooperation

Sep 25, 2018 | News

(25 September 2018) – The latest Eurobarometer survey shows that EU citizens increasingly view the private sector as having a greater role to play in international development, as well as seeing development cooperation as a means to address irregular migration.

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When asked to define the most pressing challenges for developing countries, the issues mentioned most frequently were peace and security (37%), education (35%) and health (33 %). Migration is listed as the 10th most pressing challenges (10%). These figures point to a stable overall trend since 2010.

On a personal level, more than half of Europeans feel they can make a difference to development as individuals – for instance, by giving money to non-profit organisations, making ethical choices when they shop, or doing voluntary work.

Out of the EU 28, only the Czech Republic and Estonia don’t feel development policy is an effective way to tackle poverty in developing countries.

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