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A journey through sustainability

Nov 9, 2017 | News

(10 November 2017) – Patrizia Brandellero draws lessons from the “Evoneers’ Journey” workshops, which were organised in six EU countries in 2016/2017. Further workshops are planned for November and December at AEIDL. They are a taster version of the full programme, which will be delivered over five days in January and February 2018.

Evoneers' Journey

Have you ever wanted to go on a holiday that truly respects the local environment, economy and culture? Would you like to see new approaches to elderly care, which empower rather than imprison older people? And what if a permaculture garden could bring cohesion to a multicultural local community?

These are just some examples of projects discussed at the Evoneers’Journey workshops.

The “Evoneers’ Journey” is a training programme for entrepreneurs and project promoters wishing to work in a more sustainable way.

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