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A third of EU trade is with the United States and China

Mar 29, 2019 | News

(29 March 2019) – In 2018, the United States (€674 billion, or 17.1% of total extra-EU trade in goods) and China (€605 bn, or 15.4%) continued to be the two main goods trading partners of the European Union.


They were well ahead of Switzerland (€265 bn, or 6.7%), Russia (€254 bn, or 6.4%), Turkey (€153 bn, or 3.9%) and Japan (€135 bn, or 3.4%).

In almost all EU Member States, the main partner for exports of goods in 2018 was another member of the European Union, except for Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom (the United States was the main destination of exports) as well as Cyprus (Cayman Islands) and Lithuania (Russia).

Overall, Germany was the main destination of goods exports for 17 Member States.

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