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Access2Markets: new portal to support trade by small businesses

Oct 14, 2020 | News

(14 October 2020) – The European Commission has launched the Access2Markets online portal to help small and medium-sized firms trade beyond the EU’s borders.

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The new portal responds to requests from stakeholders to better explain trade agreements and help companies ensure their products are eligible for duty discounts.

It will serve both companies that already trade internationally and those that are only starting to explore opportunities in foreign markets.

The European Union has a large network of trade agreements with over 70 countries and regions and is currently negotiating a raft of new deals.

Access2Markets breaks this complex set of rules down into practical information so that smaller firms can have access to relevant information more easily.

Concretely, Access2Markets delivers the trading conditions to import goods to the EU and to export goods to over 120 foreign markets.

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