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AEIDL analyses the notion of supply chain fairness in the EU policies related to Climate-Smart Agriculture

May 13, 2024 | Events, News, Opinions

The Horizon Europe project BEATLES, which stands for “Co-creating Behavioural Change Towards Climate-Smart Food Systems” (2022-2026), aspires to change the way agri-food systems currently operate and accelerate behavioural shift to Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) and smart farming technologies.

In the BEATLES project, AEIDL heads the work focused on developing actionable and fair policy recommendations and tools to reinforce CSA practices in EU agriculture. Led by Blanca Casares and Serafín Pazos Vidal, the aim is to assist policymakers in designing and implementing policy measures that foster fair, inclusive, and sustainable climate-smart practices and behaviors.

From the behavioural science perspective, the notion of fairness is fundamental to the development of recommendations in the BEATLES project. In light of this, Blanca Casares has led the development of a policy brief that explores the notion of fairness within the scope of BEATLES’s policy work. The policy brief also attempts to shed light on the understanding of the notion of supply chain fairness through a literature review of the concept itself, as well as the term as applied to the value chain, the food system and the principle of agroecology. Furthermore, it encompasses a detailed examination of fairness within European Law, with a focus on the Common Agricultural Policy and the broader food policy framework.

During the first year and a half of the project, AEIDL has been working closely with the 5 pilots (Use Cases) of the project and is coordinating the EU multi-actor working group as a key part of BEATLES co-creation process so that the leading research and policy findings produced can be assessed by experts and policy practitioners from outside the BEATLES project.

In the framework of the Strategic Dialogue on the future of EU agriculture and the beginning of the debate on the CAP post-2027, AEIDL organises on 23 May the first EU multi-actor working group workshop. After the workshop, AEIDL will elaborate a first set of policy recommendations to facilitate a fair transition to CSA.

Please find the full policy brief here.