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AEIDL examines the EU policies affecting urban-rural links at its RURBANIVE Policy Inception meeting

May 15, 2024 | News

A key area for the next EU term is going beyond the urban-rural divide. To scope how this might happen AEIDL organised the Policy Inception meeting of the RURBANIVE project on 26 April. Project Manager Janne Sinerma , Carla Lostrangio and Serafin Pazos-Vidal discussed with the representatives of all partners the existing EU policies affecting urban and rural areas as well as the growing interest in breaking artificial silos between urban and rural policies.

The recent 9th Cohesion Report, the update on Long Term Vision for Rural areas or the previously mentioned Letta Report all point towards the need for more sophisticated understandings of urban and rural relationships, needs, mobility and interdependencies. 

In the discussion with partners, it was particularly highlighted that EU policies that seem to interact in a given way when planned at EU level encounter more complex dynamics when reaching local contexts. This often results in barriers and inconsistencies that stem from the policy design stage being unaware or not sufficiently taking into account contextual factors such as delivery landscape, institutional capacity or social capital. RURBANIVE is a Horizon Europe project that will develop Rural-Urban Enablers – innovations in six domains known to favour bi-directional urban-rural synergies and building up well-being economies. Extended reality will be used to realise immersiveness and through an integrated platform that stores the main project results, the rural/urban stakeholders will be equipped with the appropriate tools to develop their cultural literacy and sensitivity in an inclusive setup supporting experimentation and innovation