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AEIDL is also a film producer

Sep 9, 2015 | News

(09 September 2015) – In addition to publications, web development and other communication activities, AEIDL is also experienced in video production.

The LIFE and TRIP contracts, as well as AEIDL’s own projects, regularly involve the production of high quality videos.

Fabrice Wagner and Tim Hudson have directed many of these, but a number of other members of AEIDL’s team of journalists and communication experts also have the skills and facilities needed to produce professional videos.

Camera and sound engineers, graphic designers, journalists and editors can all contribute to the production process (initiating concepts, planning, scripting, filming, sound recording, editing, animating and subtitling).

The AEIDL team also has access to an extensive library of video material covering a variety of general and specialised topics from across the EU.

AEIDL videos


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