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AEIDL President highlights the value of culture in fostering local development

Nov 21, 2023 | News

PARTENALIA, the pan European network of Local Intermediate Authorities, held its 2023 annual conference on 15 November 2023 in Timişoara (RO). The conference was titled ‘Cultural Catalysts: Local Intermediate Authorities Nurturing Heritage, Collaboration, and Funding for the Arts’.

Building upon the successful cooperation with AEIDL in co-organising the EU Regions Week of Cities and Regions in Brussels last October on “We are staying in rural areas”, the President of AEIDL, Marta Marczis was invited as keynote speaker.

Taking place in the panel on ‘Culture and Cohesion in rural and semi-rural areas’, AEIDL’s contribution explored the avenues of collaboration between AEIDL and Partenalia, from mutually supporting their respective campaigns advocating strong, sustainable, innovative EU local development policies, to possible collaboration in specific projects to use culture and heritage as drivers for social capital, economic development, inward investment and in the fight against depopulation.’

AEIDL has a growing portfolio of projects and activities where culture and heritage plays a key role in local renewal and community led innovation. Our European Local Innovation Forum (ELIF) space for experts and organisations operating and connected at the local level in both urban and rural settings, to facilitate the exchange of ideas, learn from experiences and draw lessons to boost innovation in local communities from across Europe. If you wish to join us you can subscribe here.